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American Idol’s Top 24 Contestant, Amelia Eisenhauer, is reading my BOOK!

Let’s get this one thing straight… I love it when ANYBODY shows interest in my book, ShadowShifter, but when that person is a talented vocalist that has graced the stage of American Idol, I can’t help but become a gushing fangirl! Top 24 Contestant and redheaded ninja, Amelia Eisenhauer, made it to Hollywood. I remember… Continue reading American Idol’s Top 24 Contestant, Amelia Eisenhauer, is reading my BOOK!

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I can hardly wait! Can you?

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Behold, Shifters! The face of Jules Taylor! Go to my Media Page¬†for more photos! (My cheeks ache from smiling so much!) James and Heather Crowley of Crowley Studios and Media¬†and Ms. MacKenzie Huling–our model…YOU GUYS ARE PHENOMENAL!!!!) Much love to you all! (Now….to work on the cover art. Never a day of rest, I tell… Continue reading JULES TAYLOR reveal!

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Never in a million years have I had so much fun with a photo shoot! And I wasn’t even the focus of the camera! A big “THANKS!” goes out to MacKenzie Huling for undoubtedly being the best Jules Taylor I could’ve ever imagined–and I did imagine her! This girl was a trooper as she held… Continue reading SHADOWSHIFTER Photo Shoot!

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And the face of SHADOWSHIFTER’s “Jules Taylor” is…

Congratulations to MacKenzie Huling for being chosen as the ShadowShifter model!She is the face of Jules Taylor–red headed, young… I was so excited to find this girl! She’s from my hometown AND she’s actually read the book (from when I self-published it)! She has other things in common with Jules as well–she went to the… Continue reading And the face of SHADOWSHIFTER’s “Jules Taylor” is…

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Casting Call!!!

With the re-release of my book, SHADOWSHIFTER, comes new cover art and to do this, I need YOUR HELP! I am looking for a model for next month’s photo shoot for SHADOWSHIFTER! This model will be used as the focus of every cover in this series. We ask that she has red hair, brown eyes,… Continue reading Casting Call!!!