Where are you, Melissa D. Ellis?

I know, I know. I’ve been MIA. Hardly on Twitter. Rarely on Facebook. I haven’t blogged since Fall.

I have a good excuse!! Really, I do!

First, let me explain that I’m also a singer/musician and although I usually only stay busy in the summer months with music, I was swamped all the way till Christmas last year! This is a great problem to have since music is actually my bread and butter. However, music often keeps me from writing and even though I didn’t let it stop me from writing, it prevented me from other things like social media.

Second, not that it will matter to some of you, but we no longer require diapers at our house. Yay! My youngest–and last–is finally potty trained and it took commitment and time from me. This meant no writing and no music for a while. But dang it, we’re not buying diapers again until I have grandchildren or require them myself! It was totally worth it!


Third, my two older boys have been keeping us BUSY with their basketball and wrestling schedules. Their seasons finally ended about two weeks ago. And yes, they both had fabulous seasons. I’m proud of them.

But finally and most importantly, I’ve been hiding from social media because I’ve been super busy writing and editing in the midst of all the above mentioned! I’m sure many of you have already gathered that I don’t release books as quickly or as often as my fellow authors. It’s not that my writing is better because I take my time or they’re better at it because they do it quickly; I simply take my time… a looooong time. I also contend with a 3 year old at home while doing it. This means in another year and a half, when he finally goes to kindergarten, I just may be able to get through the whole process a little quicker. Fewer interruptions…much fewer.

I have four books in my bag of tricks that I’m currently working on–whether it be writing or editing…

“WHEN MARA WENT MISSING”–I don’t want to give away too much, but this book is definitely of the paranormal realm and it is my first novel under 120k words. My hope is to announce a release date this year for early 2018… but the 3 year old promises nothing. I’m currently in a “clean up” mode with it, which in my world, is the step between writing and editing.

“TRESPASS”–This is the book where I take a step away from my usual paranormal/horror self and, instead, dive into suspense/thriller. I’m still writing this one, so don’t expect see this one at least until 2018. And again, the 3 year old promises nothing.

“LYCANTHROPE”–This is my follow-up to SHADOWSHIFTER, book #2 in the series. I finished writing it 3 years ago. *gasp* But due to an accidental click of a button, it was released before it was ever edited. It was bad. In my defense, I was pregnant and not thinking, which was apparent in the level of writing. Making matters worse, I was in a high risk pregnancy, so I was in a mad state of mind. It wasn’t at all what I wanted and it wasn’t where the book was supposed to go. So much was missing. It was a train wreck! I’ve been in “clean up” ever since. It’s significantly darker than the first book, borderline horror. It’s also significantly shorter than SHADOWSHIFTER. Why? Well, honestly, because I’ve already laid down the foundation in the first book and because I know what I’m doing this time around. I’m better at writing. I had to take my time with research and careful planning on this one. Had to really dive in to my limited psych/counseling education. It’s the book that really ties to the first book. And you’ll be happy to know….

We’re actively EDITING now!! **Hallelujah!** Like with the first draft the previously mentioned books, the 3 year old promises nothing. (I blame a lot on him.) I do anticipate an early 2018 release. I’ll keep you all posted on any snags we encounter.

It’s horrible that I’m anticipating snags already, isn’t it?

And lastly, while Lycanthrope is getting the gold treatment and is still fresh in my mind…

“BLOOD MOON”– Book #3 of the SHADOWSHIFTER series! I am actively in the writing process with this book. I do not anticipate a release until the wee one is in school, but stranger things have happened. I can only do so much at a time with a little one at home with me and two teens involved in sports.

So, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth… I’ve been writing! For YOU! For ME! I appreciate the messages of encouragement and concerns. It motivates me to work better at delivering fine reading entertainment. I’m so thankful to have fans and friends like you. I couldn’t ask for more… well, except a babysitter. That would be great once in a while.

In a few weeks, I’ll be attending my first-ever author event. Roanoke Author Invasion in Roanoke, VA at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood on April 8th. It’s a free event. There will be many amazing authors there that I plan to geek-out over. They will have countless many of books to check out. I will only have my one “claim-to-fame” SHADOWSHIFTER, but in the years to come, I know I will have other books to offer. For the time being, I need to continue getting the word out about my “first-born”. I hope to see some of you there and to make new friends!

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement. I am amazed at your love and kindness.


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