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American Idol’s Top 24 Contestant, Amelia Eisenhauer, is reading my BOOK!

Let’s get this one thing straight… I love it when ANYBODY shows interest in my book, ShadowShifter, but when that person is a talented vocalist that has graced the stage of American Idol, I can’t help but become a gushing fangirl!

Top 24 American Idol Contestant, Amelia EisenhauerTop 24 Contestant and redheaded ninja, Amelia Eisenhauer, made it to Hollywood. I remember her well, literally wielding an unsharpened katana to the audition–my favorite weapon to use when playing Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. (Yeah, I just admitted that.) I also remembered a few other important things: She was from Nashville (yay, for my home state of Tennessee!), she has red hair (#redheadsunite!), she was YOUNG (16 years old), she played the violin like a BOSS, and could really wail! I mean REALLY WAIL! I was a vocal major in college, so I’m hard to please. Her voice pleased me! Fast forward this story to Hollywood week and I decide to take my nervous tension for the contestants to twitter. Sure enough, she responds back and asks how I’m enjoying the show. Naturally, I tweet back…giggling like a fan girl. (How old am I again?) This goes on for a few minutes and I notice that she really made an effort to reach out and engage other fans as well. (Good work, girl!) Eventually, I get a private message from her asking about my book, “ShadowShifter”. It’s one thing when I’m prepared to talk about my book, but another thing to be prompted. Prompted by a TV celebrity, Amelia Eisenhauer and Kellie Picklernonetheless. I give her a brief rundown of the book and then offer to send her a signed copy.

Now, I am a fan. She could hate my book and I’d forever be a fan. Forever be one of #MilliesMinions.

Amelia Eisenhauer made it to the Top 24– wowing the audiences with her own rendition of “Wake Me Up” by Acivii and then a duet of Sara Evan’s “Suds in the Bucket” with the one and only Kellie Pickler. (And if you didn’t see the duet, then you missed out! Amelia’s musicianship is LEGIT! She was on fire!)

Amelia Eisenhauer retweets about ShadowShifterNormally, I would worry that I was supporting (for lack of better terms) a loser, but I can say without a doubt that when the judges eliminated her in the show’s transition to Top #14 they really missed the mark. Studhubs and I say this every time we watch the latest episode of American Idol now.

Amelia had a live chat immediately following the episode of her elimination and during that chat, she opened my book for everyone to see it and took time to wave and say “hi” to me. (Yes, still gushing like a fangirl.) She even plugged my book a time or two on twitter beforehand. For that, I am forever grateful! It feels good to have that kind of support from someone you really don’t know.

Although I hold strong to my opinion that American Idol made a mistake and missed the mark on one heck of a talented performer, it’s exciting to see Amelia use this platform to continue her art with a wider canvas–wider canvas than the AI stage. She performs regularly with her family band, The Eisenhauer Band –yes, they are Amelia Eisenhauer post Idol live chatALL super talented!–and you can find more information (tour dates, recording news, etc.) at and on her Facebook Page. You should even check out their album, “Under the Influence”. I downloaded my copy from iTunes and LOVE IT! 🙂

The Eisenhauer Band "Under the Influence"
Available on iTunes!

It’s great when artists of different (or even the same) crafts can come together and support one another. While Amelia and The Eisenhauer Band is now picking up some serious steam thanks to the exposure from American Idol, I’m still getting my literary footing. We’re all in our different journeys and we should each embrace where we are and who we meet along the way.

I am thankful, that I connected with Amelia Eisenhauer and can’t wait to see where this journey takes her! Her adventures are going to be interesting to watch.

As far as an American Idol update on who I support now? I have a hard time turning away from MacKenzie Bourg. He looks a lot like my oldest son, Aidan and his music is right up my alley. I also enjoy Dalton Rappatoni but then again, what girl doesn’t enjoy these two guys? But La’Porsha Renae… wow. That woman can SANG! (<—a little Tennessee grammar  for you there.) American Idol is known for upsets, so with bated breath, I wait to see the outcome. And yes, I super vote.Amelia Eisenhauer


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